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We are a group of scientists. plastic surgeons, and beauty experts that had a brilliant idea of coming together and bringing the science of facial beauty, precisely, celebrating the human face in its perfection. We’re committed to providing you with top-notch information and our technology that we present will be groundbreaking. Our team has a well-deserved reputation in their respective fields of study in aesthetics and science. Our Facial Analysis technology which is coming soon will be the best. Have you ever wondered what your face ranks in terms of facial beauty? This new service that we offer will indeed deliver an honest ranking of your face using our groundbreaking technology. So your not a perfect 10 or by symmetry a 1.618 only 10% of the population really is. Our website with its state of the art and groundbreaking technology and revolution into the mortal compass structure of the human face, this site will be what defines facial beauty. We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for insight into symmetry and overall facial beauty. We are committed to working hard to earn their loyalty every day. will serve to be an interactive site, our unique features will also include our facial analysis software, a magazine, featured articles, contests, giveaways, beauty lists, health & nutrition bits, a beauty column, introduction to the most beautiful faces on the planet, forum and all things related to beauty and beyond. *Documentary series..* After many long years of searching this planet for the ultimate beauty, the genetic masterpiece, the woman whose beauty is so earthshattering will be revealed. Our 10 part documentary series will leave you in awe while breaking down myths and stereotypes of what is a real beauty. *Contests & Giveaways* We will be hosting the official contests each year stating in 2020 and beyond which will include: The Perfect Human Face (Male & Female), The World's Most beautiful eyes ( Male & Female), as well as other contests. The winners will be awarded a modeling contract to appear on our website, advertisements, and will be awarded many other gifts as well. We will sponsor giveaways that will be awarded monthly starting at the launch of our official website. Our *Beauty Lists" have been compiled by our trained and highly sought after beauty experts have combed the planet for the most beautiful guys and gals and millions of you have voted for the faces that fit our website we will soon uncover the 100 most beautiful faces and eyes in the world, it is a big world out there and we have narrowed them down one by one. The results may shock you.

Perfect 10 Face: Jon-Erik Hexum

Facial Rating: 10 out of 10. Best Facial Features: Eyes, Nose, and Lips. Clarity of Skin: 10 Vivid Skin Color: 10 Harmony of Facial Features: 10 Symmetry: 9.6 Beauty Type: Boyish

Overall facial attractiveness: 10.0

Eye Color: 9.87
Eye Shape: 9.45
Eyebrows: 9.2
Nose Shape: 9.8
Lips: 9.8
Jawline: 9.86
Cheekbones: 9.68
Forehead: 9.87
Facial Shape: 9.8

All photographs are the property of their respective owners.

One of the most handsome faces in the world. (RIP)

The Archetypes of Rare Eye Colors: The World’s Most Beautiful Eye Colors.

Prototype: FC3 in Vivid Color/Clarity.

These eyes are rated a 10.0 in brilliance of color and clarity. 1. Uniqueness 10.0 – 2. Rareness of color 10.0 – 3. Clarity of color 10.0

All photographs are the property of their respective owners.

Introducing the World’s Most Beautiful Eye Colors:

Golden Amber
Mirrored Ebony
Thistle Purple
Golden Hazel
Photo Credit: Esther Havens
Lime Green
Ember Hazel
Cornflower Blue-Green
Blue Violet
Ocean Blue
Carribbean Blue
Sky Gray
Mirrored Dark
Imperial Green
Mirrored Chestnut
Golden Topaz
Forest Green
Mirrored Ebon
Iced Blue
Steel Blue
Sugar Gray-Blue
Lime Green
Baby Blue
Iced Gray
Juniper Green
Golden Cognac
Emerald green
Electric Gray
Forest Green
Nut Brown
Lizard Green
Mirrored Caramel
Electric Blue
Mirrored Coffee Brown
Nordic Blue
Mirrored Coal
Sapphire Blue
Vibrant Blue

Perfect Face: Stephen Moyer

Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata /

All photographs are the property of their respective owners.

Facial Rating: 7.5 out of 10. Best Facial Features: Eyes and Cheekbones. Clarity of Skin: 8.5 Vivid Skin Color: 8.2 Harmony of Facial Features: 7.8 Symmetry: 7.16 Beauty Type: Rugged Overall facial attractiveness: 7.5