We are presenting a worldwide search for “The Perfect Human Faces” (2 males and 2 females) to represent our official website coming 2024.

The judging process will be done by a panel of beautiful experts including scientists, beauty editors, beauty consultants, plastic surgeons from around the world, makeup artists, beauty pageants consultants, and the administrative team of this website and thousands of internet polls (polls will only count for 10% of the votes)

The Contestants will be judged by a panel of judges etc…on the harmony of facial features, clarity of skin, vivid skin color, natural attractiveness, symmetry of their face, and overall attractiveness of their face using our 1-10 point system.

TO ENTER: You must be 18 years old or older to enter. You will need to send 3 CLEAR GOOD QUALITY (2 front-facing and 1 side view) photographs of your face with your social media contacts, name, phone number, age, and where you are located in the world. 1 entry is allowed per contestant. Photographs sent without contact or social media information will be disqualified for entry. You must be a subscriber to our youtube channel — and a follower of this website.

Send your photos to — THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is 12:00 am EST/US April 15, 2023. THE WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED by telephone or email. Their names will also be posted on the website.

PRIZES: TROPHY and a 2 YEAR MODELING CONTACT awarded to winners – becoming the PREMIER FACES for our website, promotions, advertisements, and videos. (The amount paid for the modeling contacts will only be disclosed only to the winners of the contest) and additional prizes will be awarded to all winners.