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The Archetypes of Rare Eye Colors: The World’s Most Beautiful Eye Colors.

Prototype: FC3 in Vivid Color/Clarity.

These eyes are rated a 10.0 in brilliance of color and clarity. 1. Uniqueness 10.0 – 2. Rareness of color 10.0 – 3. Clarity of color 10.0

All photographs are the property of their respective owners.

Introducing the World’s Most Beautiful Eye Colors:

Golden Amber
Mirrored Ebony
Thistle Purple
Golden Hazel
Photo Credit: Esther Havens
Lime Green
Ember Hazel
Cornflower Blue-Green
Blue Violet
Ocean Blue
Carribbean Blue
Sky Gray
Mirrored Dark
Imperial Green
Mirrored Chestnut
Golden Topaz
Forest Green
Mirrored Ebon
Iced Blue
Steel Blue
Sugar Gray-Blue
Lime Green
Baby Blue
Iced Gray
Juniper Green
Golden Cognac
Emerald green
Electric Gray
Forest Green
Nut Brown
Lizard Green
Mirrored Caramel
Electric Blue
Mirrored Coffee Brown
Nordic Blue
Mirrored Coal
Sapphire Blue
Vibrant Blue